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Improved recipe

Hypogeen loves skin! Hypogeen is constantly in motion. We put all our passion and expertise into the development and improvement of our skin products. We have modernized the packaging of our Hypogeen products. The Hypogeen products also have an improved recipe and all skin care products are microplastic and silicone free. In this way, Hypogeen not only ensures a healthier skin, but also a healthier future.

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Hypogeen is a hypoallergenic skincare range developed for extremely sensitive and dry skin. Daily care of the feet is the basis for good health. This Hypogeen foot cream reduces the risk of chapping, flaking and calluses. This pleasant foot care product contains the unique squalane, which has anti oxidative properties. This helps heal wounds on feet faster, strengthens skin elasticity and ensures smooth skin. Moreover, this product contains high levels of vitamin E, which contributes to supple and firm skin. Besides squalane, Hypogeen contains skin-specific and skin-related substances such as, triglycerides lecithin and urea, which restore and care for the natural fat and moisture balance.

The Hypogen foot cream is free of petroleum jelly and paraffin oil, so it does not seal the skin. This foot care product also contains no perfume and dyes. It has a neutral pH value. Much attention has been paid to problem skin, including allergic reactions, psoriasis and eczema, in the development of Hypogene products. The cream may be used under compression stockings.

Combine this high-quality product with the Hypogeen Leg cream – Jar 200ml.

This high-quality foot care product is also available in a 100ml tube, a 300ml and 1500ml pump bottle.

Product specifications Hypogeen Foot cream

  • For extremely dry, sensitive and cold feet
  • Reduces the risk of calluses, cracking and flaking
  • Helps to repair the skin
  • Without perfume and colourants
  • Free of petroleum jelly and paraffin oil
  • Not tested on animals
  • Packaging: jar
  • Content: 200ml

Instructions Hypogeen Foot cream

Wash the feet and dry them well. Take a small amount of cream in your hand. Lightly massage the feet with the foot cream, including under and between the toes. Leave the cream on for about 10 minutes before putting socks and shoes back on. Our advice is to use this product twice a day.

Ingredients Hypogeen Foot cream

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua; Glycerin; Urea; Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride; Cetyl Alcohol; Triacetin; PEG-100 Stearate; C10-18 Triglycerides; Ethylhexyl Stearate; Glyceryl Laurate; Phenoxyethanol ; Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil; Tocopheryl Acetate; Squalane;;; Citronellyl Methylcrotonate; Propylene Glycol; Panthenol; Monosodium citrate; Hamamelis Virginiana Water; Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate; Piroctone Olamine; Alcohol; Citric acid; Butylene Glycol;

About Hypogeen

Hypogeen is a hypoallergenic skin care line for hypersensitive skin. The skin always works hard to protect us, but can also become dry and cracked. The intensive nourishing effect of Hypogeen products, helps the skin against dehydration, skin irritation, calluses, fissures and gives the skin rest. By using Hypogeen unique skincare line, you will notice that your skin becomes healthier. The products within the Hypogeen line have a very high content of skin-specific and skin-related ingredients, including triglycerides lecithin, urea and Vitamin E. the Hypogeen hand care, leg care, facial care and massage products supply Arcim Healthcare to pharmacies, pedicures, drugstores, wholesalers and consumers.

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