Hypogeen M-cose Nail & Skin Pen 2.5g


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Improved recipe

Hypogeen loves skin! Hypogeen is constantly in motion. We put all our passion and expertise into the development and improvement of our skin products. We have modernized the packaging of our Hypogeen products. The Hypogeen products also have an improved recipe and all skin care products are microplastic and silicone free. In this way, Hypogeen not only ensures a healthier skin, but also a healthier future.

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This Hypogeen M-cose Nail & Skin is a professional product for the care of nails and skin. This effective remedy provides relief from fungal nails. Hypogeen M-cose is based on the ultimate blend of effective ingredients Tea tree oil, glycerin and allantoin. Allantoin keeps the skin around the (lime) nail healthy, supple and soft. Tea tree oil contributes to healthier nails as a whole. In addition, Tea tree helps to build a healthy nail and skin flora. This product is also suitable for people with extra sensitive skin. Suitable for professional use by pedicures and manicures.

Combine this high-quality product with the Hypogeen M-cose Shoes Deospray – Vial 100ml.

Product specifications Hypogeen M-cose Nail & Skin Pen

  • Helps with fungal nails
  • Suitable for hands and feet
  • No foul smell
  • Convenient to take with you
  • Based on urea, jojoba and tea tree oil
  • •Anhydrous
  • Easier to apply to the nail
  • Packaging: pen
  • Content: 2.5g

Instructions Hypogeen M-cose Nail & Skin Pen

Remove the cap from the pen and turn the liquid up into the brush. Smear the M-cose on the top and or bottom of your toenails. Massage the liquid well and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Make this a daily routine. After a few weeks you can only use the pen 1x per week..

Ingredients Hypogeen M M-cose Nail & Skin Pen

Ingrediënts (INCI): Glycerin; Urea; Alcohol; Polysorbate 20; PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil; Isopropyl myristate; Allantoin; Lavandula Angustiflora Oil; Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil; Climbazole; Benzoic acid; Lactic Acid; Isopropyl Alcohol

About Hypogeen

Hypogeen is a hypoallergenic skin care line for hypersensitive skin. The skin always works hard to protect us, but can also become dry and cracked. The intensive nourishing effect of Hypogeen products, helps the skin against dehydration, skin irritation, calluses, fissures and gives the skin rest. By using Hypogeen unique skincare line, you will notice that your skin becomes healthier. The products within the Hypogeen line have a very high content of skin-specific and skin-related ingredients, including triglycerides lecithin, urea and Vitamin E. the Hypogeen hand care, leg care, facial care and massage products supply Arcim Healthcare to pharmacies, pedicures, drugstores, wholesalers and consumers.


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