How do I care for my eczema skin?


Welcome to the blog. From now on I climb into the digital pen to keep you informed about new Hypogeen products or useful tips & facts. Hypogeen is a hypoallergenic skin care line, especially suitable for people with sensitive – and / or problem skin. At customer service in Dronten – where we are located – we regularly receive questions about various skin conditions. All the more reason to share these questions from time to time via this blog. A common skin condition is eczema. Unsightly red spots, extremely dry skin and very annoying itching is the result. How do you get rid of it and which products are best to use? Hypogeen products are the answer. Read below why and the beneficial effects of ingredients that our products contain. 

What exactly is eczema?

Eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin causing the skin to become very dry, red and flaky. This is accompanied by intense itching. Also, moisture vesicles may appear and burst. Eczema skin feels rough and extremely dry. Many people suffer from this from childhood. There are several types of eczema. The most common form is atopic eczema. This form is caused by a mix of factors such as heredity, irritation, inflammation and allergy. Very annoying. The ingredients of Hypogeen products are carefully formulated and therefore suitable for people with eczema skin. 

The positive effect of Urea in Hypogeen products

Hypogeen products contain several ingredients that contribute to the improvement and / or recovery of eczema skin. The ingredient that has a major contribution and is incorporated almost in all Hypogene products is urea (also called urea). The main positive property of urea is the improvement of moisture absorption. This is because the moisture balance is very disturbed in eczema skin. Urea thus has a major role in the recovery process of painful eczema skin. This is because it makes the skin less dry, more supple and reduces flaking. 


Different good products for eczema skin

Eczema is expressed on different parts of the body. The severity also varies, from small spots to large painful, rough patches. Because we like to serve our customers as broadly as possible, we therefore offer an extensive collection. Most forms of eczema manifest themselves on the face, arms, elbows, legs (hollows of the knees) and feet. Proper care is essential for the problem site. If the eczema manifests mainly on the face, we recommend taking care of your face with the Hypoegen day cream, night cream & face wash. For the arms and entire body, Hypogeen’s hypoallergenic body lotion is a good option.The bestsellers of our high-quality label are definitely the Hypogeen foot cream & leg cream. Pedicures are very enthusiastic about them, but as a consumer you can also easily order our products via the website. 


Hypogeen loves skin, and yes all skin types! This is immediately noticeable when you make our high-quality products part of your daily ritual.




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